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One of the biggest advantages of using a Wireless Tablet for operating the Go Fab CNC machine is the ability to move around. Many times you'll want to place the Torch at a specific point on the metal you're cutting and having the ability to bring the Tablet with you saves time.



Go Fab CNC software is designed to be simple and efficient to help you be as productive as possible. Learning to operate the machine takes only a few minutes of playing around with the app.‚Äč

Quick Editing Features


Open multiple designs and move, resize and rotate. Save a layout so you can reopen it later.

Easy Control


Moving the machine couldn't be easier. Make tiny movements for pinpoint accuracy, or make giant movements from 1 side of the table to the other. Get information on your location and determine distance between 2 locations. You can measure a piece of metal by moving the torch to 1 side, marking it, and then moving the torch to the other side



When you're ready to cut, select the thickness of metal you're going to cut the design out of and hit GO!

Our software takes care of everything else!

You can tweak any setting you want to, but you don't have to.