March 22, 2021


If you are in the middle of Projects, get stressed about Bugs or don’t like taking chances - HOLD OFF!!!
We're going to knock out any issues asap and keep rolling out new Beta Versions quickly till we have enough proven consistency to make an Official Release.
REMEMBER!!! You can go back to the Previous Version of our Software by going to the “Update Table” Screen in the 5.0 Software and Selecting the option “Return to 3.xx”. That will put an older Version of our Software on the Table. Then Delete the 5.0 App and Install whatever Version of our App you were using. When you Connect to the Table again with the Previous Version of our App it’ll ask you to Update to make sure the Table Version matches that App Version - say OK and you’re good to go!
The New Version 5 Accelerated Software:
Overall “Look and Feel” is very similar to the current Accelerated Software though there are some Visual changes. However, the guts of the Software have been completely reworked.
Version 5.01
  • ADDED Support for Bluetooth 5.0 Modules (current Modules are 2.0, so it's a major difference - way Faster Connection and Farther Range. You have to get the New Bluetooth Module directly from us though because it requires an Adapter to work)
  • ADDED Framing Button to the Controller Screen to make the Torch Trace the Perimeter of your Cuts to confirm they Fit
  • ADDED Warning if your Cut will not Fit on the Table (either from Size or Placement)
  • FIXED Measurements so "Material Size Needed" and "Part Size" are exact include Pierce Points and Offsets
  • FIXED Selection Box so it Frames everything correctly and adds a Space around the Part so it's not actually on the Path
  • SQUASHED some Bugs
  • UPDATED File System to allow compatibility with Google Play Store (this means Updates will be even easier going forward since they can be Automatic)
Version 5.0
  • New Error System (improved and much more capable - also fixed some Bugs)
  • Organize Cuts (Every Section of every Part is in a List and the List can be Re-Ordered any way you want. For example, if the Outside isn’t Cutting Last you can manually move it to Last)
  • Full Pause Features (change all of your Cut Settings such as: Feedrate, Heights, Delay or even select a different Metal Thickness from the Pause Screen and then Resume Cutting from that exact spot)
  • Improved Bluetooth Connection Process (More Automated, Faster Connection and more Reliable)
  • Auto File Re-Load (If the App is Closed or Crashes for any reason, as soon as the App is Restarted, it’ll Re-Connect to the Table and Pull whatever the Table is currently working on back up exactly as it is on the Table)
  • Machine Switch (Switch between multiple Running Go Fab CNC Machines at anytime)
  • Improved Pipe Cutter Calibration (Works on any Pipe Cutter System we offer)
We have several other VERY significant additions to roll out that are pretty much done, but we don’t want to Test everything at once. So, we’ll keep adding in New Features as we run through the BETA period.

June 05, 2023

Watch this Video for Instructions on Upgrading to the New Version 5 Software and Reverting back to Version 4.90 if you need to



January 7, 2020

Ocotober 17, 2018

Software Repair Kit

Do Not use this Repair Kit unless instructed to do so by Go Fab CNC.