Update Instructions

Before anything, make sure you Download the most current versions of both the Tablet software and the Table software. You can connect the Tablet to WiFi and download the files directly, or you can download them to your computer and copy them to the tablet.

If you received a new Board from us, please visit our Hardware Install page for instructions on installing your new boards.

1. From the main screen on the Tablet, tap the white circle with 6 dots to open the App screen.


2. On the App screen, open the File Manager app.


3. Tap "Internal shared storage"


4. If you downloaded the files using the Tablet, they will both be in the "Download" folder. If you copied the files from your computer, they will be in the main "Internal shared storage" folder.


5. Tap the "GoFabCNC_20.....apk" file


6. You will be asked to confirm that you want to install an Update, tap "Install"


7. Wait for the Update to finish installing


8. When the Update finishes, tap the "Open" text


9. Once the Go Fab CNC app opens and connects to the Table, tap the Settings icon at the bottom left of the screen to open the "Settings" screen


10. Tap the "Continue" button when the Warning screen appears


11. Tap the "Update Table" button


12. Tap the "Continue" button when the Warning screen appears


13. Tap the "update.bin" file to start the Table Update process. Only tap the file once. It will take a moment for the file to load.


14. The Tablet will begin sending the Update to the Table. Do not close the Go Fab CNC app or turn off the Go Fab CNC Table while the Update is sending.


15. Once the Update file has been sent to the Table, the Table will restart itself.


16. When the Table restarts, you will be prompted to complete the Update process by selecting the size of your Go Fab CNC Table


17. After selecting your Table size, tap the "Next" button


18. Your Table will restart again with the new settings loaded


19. Once your Table restarts, tap the "Home Table" button to Home the Table

WARNING!! Once you tap the "Home Table" button, your Table will begin moving to the Home position. It should move to the back and to the right of the Table. If it moves in any other way, immediately tap the "Stop" button and contact us.


20. The last part of the Update process is Calibrating the Z Axis. You will need to place a Plate of any thickness on the Table in a location that is easy to access and to see. The Plate will be used as a surface for the torch to press in to in order to calibrate the Automatic Surface Sensing.

Once you have the Plate in place, tap the "Controller" button to move the Torch directly over the Plate.


21. Use the Blue buttons to move the Torch: Forward, Backward, Left & Right. Tapping the Grey button in the center will change how far the Torch moves with each button press. To make small movements, tap the Grey button till it says "x10"


Use the Black/White buttons to move the Torch to whatever edge of the Table the Arrows are pointing at. This is convenient for moving large distances such as from the back of the Table to the very front of the Table (or to the corners)


22. Once the Torch is over the Plate, tap the "Calibrate Z" button to begin Calibrating the Z Axis


23. Make sure the Torch is above the Plate before continuing. If it's not, tap the "Previous" button to return to the Controller screen. If the Torch is above the Plate, then tap the "Calibrate Z" button


24. Tap the Blue "Find Surface" button. The Torch will travel down and press against the Plate.


25. When the Torch is pressed against the Plate, tap the "Next" button


26. Use the Blue Up/Down buttons to raise and lower the Torch till it's just barely touching the Plate. Tap the Grey button in the center to change how far the Torch moves with each button tap


27. Once the Torch is just barely touching the Plate, tap the "Next" button


28. For the last step in the Update process, you will need a measuring device such as a ruler or tape measure to measure 1" above the Plate.

Use the Blue Up/Down buttons to adjust the Torch till the Tip is exactly 1" above the Plate


29. Once the Torch height has been adjusted, tap the "Next" button


30. Congratulations, you're done! Tap the "OK" button and start cutting!