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Professional Features

All of our machines come standard with the same key features that make them capable and convenient.

Breakaway Torch

All new Table Orders ship with our new Breakaway Torch System that will Auto-Pause if there's a collision giving you peace of mind!


Automatic Material Sensing

The machine will automatically find the surface of the material and set itself to the right height for cutting.

Automatic Torch Height Control

The machine will automatically find the surface of the material and set itself to the right height for cutting.

Industrial Design

Our Tables are designed to take a lot of abuse and work long hours.

Steel Rack & Pinion


Our tables are built using steel racks and pinion gears for motion. No need to tighten a belt - No need to do any maintenance at all! The steel racks will hold up to lots of abuse and provide rigidness and longevity.

Thick Sliding Edge


Loading full sheets of steel on to the table can be a challenge and to make it as easy as possible, we've placed a 3/16" thick piece of angle iron on both sides of the table for the express purpose of sliding on sheets of steel.

Reinforced Frame


Constant heat can cause some tables to droop in the center and loading/unloading heavy sheets can tweak a frame. Go Fab CNC machines are meant to handle a lot! Every table has 4 sets of legs that are each reinforced in the center. Several adults could stand on top of a Go Fab CNC machine without stressing it at all.

Ready for Production


Our machines are meant to work long hours doing hard labor. We run our own machines for 12 hour days cutting out several full sheets of steel.

‚ÄčOur machines also manage themselves and will pause if they need attention. That way, you can focus on other work and increase your productivity.



Our machines can grow with your business! An unlimited number of machines can be controlled from a single tablet - that means you only need 1 person to operate multiple machines!

Addon Attachments

Features like a removeable Z Axis and a Second Tool Mount allow you to Upgrade your Go Fab CNC Table with new capabilities!

Table Sizes