The Plasma Cutter is the backbone of any CNC Plasma Table, so at Go Fab CNC we set out to make the most dedicated Plasma Cutter available.


All Go Fab CNC PowerEdge Plasma Cutters have a 100% Duty Cycle at FULL POWER!

Duty Cycle isn't as much of a concern for Handheld cutting since it typically doesn't involve as much continuos cutting as CNC does, but CNC cutting absolutely benefits from higher Duty Cycle ratings.

Most Plasma Cutter companies primarily make portable Plasma Cutters that sacrifice Industrial Design for Portablilty. That means you end up with a Duty Cycle that limits your cutting ability depending on the Thickness of Material and the Size of the Design you're cutting.

With a PowerEdge you can cut any Thickness of Material the PowerEdge is rated for on any size project without stopping in the middle to allow it to cool down.


The Go Fab CNC Software automates most of the cutting process, but you'll still need to change the Amperage on a Plasma Cutter to match the Thickness of Material you're going to cut.

The PowerEdge includes a Remote Amperage Controller with a 25' Cable and a Magnetic Box that can be mounted anywhere on the Table (or even the wall next to the Table) and allows you to change the Amperage without being next to the Plasma Cutter and avoids bending down.



All Go Fab CNC PowerEdge Plasma Cutters include both a CNC Torch that remains on the Table and a Handheld Torch that can be used for other projects, or to cut up a finished sheet of material for easy disposal. Switching between the 2 is a single quick connection. Both Torches have a 25' lead allowing tons of reach.

ptm-60_torch only


Plasma Cutters and CNC Plasma Tables communicate with each other through a CNC Cable. Most Plasma Cutter companies require you to either purchase a separate CNC Cable, or make your own. All Go Fab CNC PowerEdges come with a CNC Cable that has a 25' Cable giving you tons of freedom for Plasma Cutter placement.


At Go Fab CNC we stand behind our products, so all Go Fab CNC PowerEdge Plasma Cutters have a 5 Year Limited Warranty that covers the complete power unit


Easy and quick access to Consumables is crucial so PowerEdge Plasma Cutters are compatible with Consumables from a variety of Vendors such as AVORTEC, PlasmaDyn, eBay, Amazon, etc.

However, for best quality, we recommend using PowerEdge Branded Consumables that can be purchased directly from: www.poweredgecutter.com

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