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Our Tables work with most popular Plasma Cutter brands. You can purchase a Go Fab CNC Plasma Table without a Plasma Cutter if you'd like to provide your own.


100% Duty Cycle at FULL POWER!

Pierce / Cut up to 1 INCH!

5 Year Warranty!

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80 Amps

Cut/Pierce Thickness:

1" Raw Steel



Tips & Electrodes

ptm-60_torch only

You can buy Tips & Electrodes from a variety of places such as eBay, Amazon, PlasmaDyn and others.

CNC Torches are interchangeable with the Handheld Torches so you can use Tips & Electrodes that are advertized for either style. The Torches can be advertized using a few names:

80 Amp Torch Names
- PTM-80
- iPT80M
- PT80