Pipe Cutting Options

We offer 3 Options for Cutting Round Material: a MEGA Roller that can handle up to 36" Diameter, a Small Roller that can handle up to 8" Diameter and a Table Attachment that can handle up to 4" Diameter. All 3 Options are Open-Ended and can accomodate any Length of Material, but have limitations on Material Weight that varies per Option.

All 3 Options are operated by the our Go Fab CNC Accelerated Software that has the ability to create Saddles, Hole Cuts and Miter Cuts quickly and easily!


The NEW Go Fab CNC Aaccelerated Software has the ability to create Saddles for welding Pipes of a variety of Sizes together at any Angle! Just enter the Pipe Sizes and Angle and the Software will do the rest! No need for expensive additional Design software!

Pipe Software
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