Gofab plasma.scpost For our Tables

Another great program for creating designs specifically for CNC machines.
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Gofab plasma.scpost For our Tables

Post by Dave56 » Tue Feb 04, 2020 10:53 pm

Les from Sheetcam. made this for our table.to use in Sheetcam . I cant post it here..It wont let me.but for anybody who wants to use Sheetcam.You can email me,and Ill send you it.....my email is dishtech43@yahoo.com Im still looking for some of the setting for Feedrate, cut , ect , for different metals if anyone has them for sheetcam, for our tables..thanks Here is what Les said below.....

To install this post, save the attachment to any convenient folder on your computer then run SheetCam and go to Options->machine->post processor. Click on the 'Import post' button. Using the box that appears, navigate to your post and open it. Go back to Options->machine->post processor and make sure your post is selected.

Les Newell

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