AMP and PSI table for start point references

Share information on your Everlast Plasma Cutter or whatever brand and model of Plasma Cutter you’re using on your Go Fab CNC machine.
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AMP and PSI table for start point references

Post by justin@gofabCNC » Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:54 am

GoFabCNC PowerEdge80:

when cutting at ~50Amps @60-70PSI or below use a 1.0mm tip, and try to start lower working your way up as you begin to cut thicker/harder metal.
example: when cutting 14G steel ill use 20Amps @60PSI and tweak my values, (cut height, ignite height, plunge, feed-rate, and pierce delay),

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE; -- Pierce delay translates to 1 second of delay for every 1,000 in the value line.

when cutting at ~55Amps @70-80PSI use a 1.2mm tip, (notice we increase tip size the further we go up in amperage and PSI to prevent it restricting the arc and air flow too much), and try to work your way down if possible but if you notice it is leaving to much slag or burning too hot, re-adjust you cut values to compensate for blowback and desired cut "width", (width of the cut can be affected by the cut height, higher giving a wider cut line VS closer Giving a thinner cut line), and adjust cutter as needed AFTER the cut has finished and the machine is either stopped completely or has been paused by the user.

when cutting at ~70Amps @90+PSI you MUST USE A 1.3mm TIP to prevent restriction of the plasma process and to ensure a faster pierce and cleaner cut, usually on anything 5/8ths and up in material thickness requires these specifications to be followed strictly to prevent damage to your cutter or to the torch itself.

my values range from these usually consistent digits and rarely surpass them on both high and low side

feed-rate: (60Amps @85PSI) 1/2' = 350 max, 300 min. (25Amps @60PSI) 11gauge = 1,750 max, 1,500 min.

ignite height: (60Amps @85PSI) 1/2" = 125 max, ~95 min. (25Amps @60PSI) 11gauge = 125 max, ~85 min.


cut height: (60Amps @85PSI) 1/2" = 95 max, ~80 min. (25Amps @60PSI) 11gauge = 95 max, ~75 min.

pierce delay: (60Amps @85PSI) 1/2" = 3,100 max. ~2,750 Min. (25Amps @60PSI) 11gauge = 1,000 max (1 second), ~750 min (3/4 of a second)

Use these as base points to help get you started towards that perfect cut by adjusting them along the way to see how much closer to a near slagless perfectly cut piece you can get but be cautious with testing extreme values especially on thicker material. be diligent in observing when tips start to blow out especially after numerous pierces to ensure you maintain proper voltage readings and keep a consistent cut.

FRIENDLY REMINDER, USING DRY AIR REMEMBER TO DUST OFF THE PLASMA CUTTER AND CONTROL BOX ONCE A MONTH DEPENDING ON USE OF THE TABLE TO ENSURE NO BUILD UP OR BLOCKAGES FORM AROUND THE COOLING VENTS OR THE FRONT/MAIN ELECTRONIC CONTROLS. I usually take this time to dust off the entire table myself just to be safe and keep peace of mind that its fresh and i can tell the table to begin cutting, lock it, go do somethings else and come back to a full cut sheet with no hiccups or problems. CONSISTENTLY DRAIN ANY MOISTURE FROM THE AIR LINES AS WELL TO PREVENT MISSED CUTS AND "SPITTING" (switching from pilot arc to cutting arc during the middle of a cut) which can cause it to miss cuts due to bad voltage reading. maintain these few easy things for a stress-free time of ownership of our tables and a kick back and cut ability no one else can offer like we can !!!!!!

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Re: AMP and PSI table for start point references

Post by Bmatteson » Thu Jun 27, 2019 5:41 pm

Thank you I have the Gofab plasma cutter. It is the first electrical machine I have ever received that did not come with any type of manual that would give you basic setup and maintenance. Still new to the whole cnc table stuff. But this is great info.

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