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You can use any software you like for designing parts to cut. Our machines read GCode and many popular design programs have the ability to create GCode files.

Most of our customers use a free program called inkScape for designing. It's a great program capable of designing from scratch or importing many popular file types and converting them to GCode.

‚ÄčInkScape can be downloaded for free from:¬†

To follow our step-by-step process for designing, please visit our inkScape Tutorial page.

List of programs verified to work on our machines (we're just getting this list going, so it'll keep growing):

  • InkScape
  • SheetCAM
  • Fusion 360 (Part of Autodesk)
  • Aspire
  • BobCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • ShopDATA (HVAC Duct Design)


Once you have a gcode file ready, the next step is copying the file to your Go Fab CNC tablet. There are several ways to do this.


USB Cable (included) - Connect the Go Fab CNC Tablet to your computer with the included USB cable and it becomes a regular storage drive. Files can be transferred by dragging them to the Go Fab CNC Tablet icon.


MicroSD Card - The Go Fab CNC Tablet has a MicroSD Card slot that can be for transferring and storing files.


Email (requires wifi) - You can setup the Go Fab CNC Tablet to connect to your email account. This allows you to transfer files wirelessly by emailing them to yourself.


Google Drive (requires wifi) - The Go Fab CNC Tablet also comes with Google Drive. If you setup Google Drive on your computer, you can transfer files back and forth using your Google Drive folder.



Once your file is on the Go Fab CNC Tablet, cutting is a piece of cake! Please visit our Tablet page for more information.