Pipe Cutter Attached 3

Now you can use your Go Fab CNC Table to Cut Tubes and Pipes!


Work with a variety of sizes and thicknesses up to 4" in diameter!

The Pipe Cutter attachment mounts to the side of the Go Fab CNC Table, so it's not restricted to the clearance on the Cutting Bed.

The Pipe is rotated by a drive wheel that can be placed virtually anywhere on the Pipe so there's no hard lmits on the length of Pipe being cut.

The Y Axis can still travel up and down the length of the Table with the Torch mounted on the Pipe Cutter, so you can cover a lot of distance on a Pipe.


Pipe Software

The NEW Go Fab CNC Aaccelerated Software has the ability to create Saddles for welding Pipes of a variety of Sizes together at any Angle! Just enter the Pipe Sizes and Angle and the Software will do the rest! No need for expensive additional Design software!

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